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(株)度恩光学成立于1980年,潜心致力于开发及生产光学领域使用的真空镀膜用特殊化学产品及塑料表面处理用加硬液。1992年在自身研究技术的基础上,成功地促使了真空镀膜物质在韩国的国产化。度恩为了供应高品质和物美价廉的多种产品,成立了中央研究所,上市了高纯度复合材料SV系列,AF产品及优秀的加硬液等符合光学行业要求的产品。并于2002年在中国成立现地法人公司 “度恩光学(常熟)有限公司”,实行科学管理,拥有自主商标VACO使用权和自主出口权,并努力以高品质的产品,合理的价格服务于中国以及全球客户。

To manufacture and supply vacuum deposition special chemicals and hard coating solutions which are surface treatments for plastic lenses, DON Co., Ltd. was established in 1980. In 1992, based on its own research technology, it successfully promoted the localization of vacuum coating materials in South Korea. In order to supply a variety of products with high quality and good price, DON established the Central Research Institute and launched the SV series of high-purity composite materials, AF, and excellent hard coating solutions that meet the requirements of the optical industry. For enormous china market and overseas market, DON OPTIC CO., LTD., a local subsidiary, was established in 2002. In addition, we registered our trade mark ‘VACO’in China, which has raised our products recognition.

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Hard Coating Solutions can improve the wear resistance (scratches and surface hardness) and inherent surface properties of plastics and other materials, mainly by the way of coating and the type of material to distinguish. Our research institute provides a wide range of products through continuous research and development of coating methods, not only products that are differentiated by coating methods (thermal curing, UV hardening), but also products that are coated according to materials (general resin, PC, PMMA, etc.).

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