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参展公司介绍 Company’s Description:

Shanghai Hezuan Technology Co., Ltd. (CHPT) is the high-tech enterprise, which includes research, development, production, sales and service in Shanghai. Since the first year of Hezuan establishment in 2012, Hezuan’s value has always been“innovation, quality, service and responsibility”. Quality, efficiency and innovation are our purpose. Hezuan is trying the best for providing high precision, efficiency and reliable high speed cutting tools in the new modern manufacture. Hezuan got a huge development in the new material, new diamond tools, new technology and application by cooperate with University of Shanghai for Science and Technology and Hebei Institute of Laser. We innovated over 20 patents in China by own. And further, we formulated the standard for diamond tools, and leading the development of the industry. The company imported and improved the technology and equipment of developed country. It can easily seem the high precision from our Welding,Grinding, Testing, because of the great equipment from Swiss, Germany and Japan and the high quality has been guaranteed. Nowadays, Hezuan diamond tool got many praise in Aerospace, photoelectron, optics, laser, 3C electron, Medical apparatus and instruments, Precision instrument.

Time is changing, and our country is developing. By the development of “The Belt and Road Initiative”, our manufacturing industry has an unbelievable improvement in the near future. CHPT will face to the whole world and integrate into the globe economics. Thus, we cannot only do what we can do now, but also providing the most delicate and fastest cutting tools for the modern industry.

参展展品介紹 Product’s Description:

PCD, DIAMOND tools, all are made of world-class brand raw materials: DEBEERS, E6, PLASMADIA. With more than 26 years of diamond tool production professional team.

Suitable for: Precious metals, aluminum, copper, magnesium and its alloys, composite materials (FRM, FRP, CFRP), silicon carbide, ceramic, quartz glass, hard alloy, resin and other materials and ultra-precision mirror processing.

Application Industry:

Optical optoelectronics, aerospace, automobile, motorcycle, shipbuilding, rail transportation and other industries, 3C electronics, biomedical, precision mold, jewelry, precision hardware.

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镜片, 镜架生产及加工刀具
Len, spectacle assembling & adjusting tools

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