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参展公司介绍 Company’s Description:

ICK Co., Ltd. has been recognized as a leader in the global colored contact

lenses market based on its own technology through continuous research and

development. We patented the manufacture of UV protection and anti-bacterial contact lenses, and develops and produces colored contact lenses that make clear vision and create beautiful eyes. Employees and researchers at ICK make every effort to manufacture colored contact lenses that make consumers‘ eyes comfortable and healthy so they can wear them with confidence.

Based on the CEO’s 30 years of developing techniques for manufacturing

contact lenses, ICK has made continuous investments in R&D and has

implemented a quality control system that has met the ISO-based CE and FDA

quality standards for 12 years, since its establishment. Currently, it manufactures colored contact lenses that make eyes healthy and comfortable with its advanced production automation system based on systematic and scientific data.

参展展品介紹 Product’s Description:

ICK Contact Lens has researched and developed ICK-Polymacon as an innovative material to produce hydrophilic contact lenses that are less irritating to your eyes. ICK-Polymacon keeps your eyes moist and prevents dry eyes with comfort even when you wear your contacts for a long time. By developing silicone hydrogel, the oxygen permeability has been dramatically improved. As a result of an 8-hour moisture test between OPTI-Color(ICK-Polymacon) and Existing contact lens (Polymacon), OPTI-Color(ICK-Polymacon) maintains more than 95% of the moisture. ICK Contact Lens manufactures safe contact lenses that do not put a strain on your eyes due to the double coating printing(DCP), sandwich method, which prints pigment between lens materials, keeps the pigment from touching your eyeballs or being decolored, and makes the surface of the lens even.

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