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参展公司介绍 Company’s Description:

Urband以眼镜设计工作室起家,秉持着与行业内其他品牌截然不同的独特设计理念,撕掉传统的时尚标签,我们着重于工程方面的设计,为日常生活所需打造出具有功能性的眼镜。我们也与实用品牌有所不同,将工程与眼镜艺术完美融合,创造出令人惊艳的外形、同时也提供卓越用户体验的产品。在Urband旗下拥有三大品牌:Urband Paris男士系列,Glossi女士系列以及Eyelet儿童系列。所有产品均精心打造,力求经久耐用。

Urband originated as a design studio with a unique approach to eyewear, distinguishing itself from others in the industry. Unlike typical fashion brands, we place a strong emphasis on the engineering aspect, prioritizing functionalities that cater to daily living needs. Departing from utility-focused brands, we seamlessly blend engineering with the artistic essence of eyewear, creating visually appealing products that deliver outstanding user experiences. Within the Urband portfolio, three brands flourish: Urband Paris for men, Glossi for women, and Eyelet for children. Each product is meticulously crafted with durability in mind, ensuring a lasting quality.

参展展品介紹 Product’s Description:

Urband Beyone眼镜专为追求平衡的中年专业人士而打造。这个眼镜系列拥有内环设计,具有卓越的弹性,比传统眼镜框更轻、更精细,既确保耐用又舒适。Glossi的独特设计突显了多种女性特质。此系列采用流线型设计,轻巧时尚,展现了极简主义的特点,带有现代女性追求的个性化风格。Eyelet旨在为儿童提供优质的眼镜框架。我们的创新专利技术有助于延缓近视加深。

Urband Beyone eyewear is designed specifically for middle-aged professionals seeking balance. This eyewear series features an inner ring design, boasting exceptional elasticity, lighter and more finely crafted than traditional frames, ensuring both durability and comfort. Glossi’s unique design highlights various feminine qualities. This collection adopts a streamlined design, lightweight and stylish, showcasing minimalist traits with a touch of modern female pursuit for personalized style. Eyelet aims to provide the best eyewear frames for children. Our innovative patented technology helps slow down the progression of myopia.

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