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Frames are made using non-toxic materials approved by the FDA.The frames are flexible, display excellent elasticity and do not break easily.The frames are incredibly light: only 6 to 11g in weight. There is a cushion on the tip that matches the complex curves of the earsand does not press on the ears.The bridge of the glasses matches the curve of the nose and therefore holds the glasses comfortably in place and prevents them from slipping down.It is easy and simple to adjust the length of the temples.To shorten them, remove the ear tip and cut off the excess length.Replace ear tips and secure these in position using the screws. To lengthen the temples, pull the ear tips back and secure in placewith the screws.The nose pads can be attached to three points of the frame (five points on the baby range frames). As every child’s face is unique, this feature allows the correct placement and height for each child can be achieved. All frames from Tomato Glasses come with an attachable strap as a standard accessory. When attached, the strap prevents the glasses from slipping even with high-power lenses. They provide security when actively running and jumping, making Tomato Glasses great sports glasses. Also, they are perfect for children with sensitive ears. Further research has indicated the need to cater for a variety of nose shapes. We have therefore developed a range of differentsized nose pads, All nose pads are interchangeable on frames and the fitting kit stores all 11 sized of nose pad. This kit will allow optometrists and opticians to customer fit the frames to each child therefore offering the best customer service. Our R&D team have created a Spacer Kit. It is designed to create space between the lenses and eyelashes or face when using high powered lenses.

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