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tonysame is a designer brand that focuses on Eastern consumers, consisting of designers and brand owners from all over Asia. The creative team makes good use of special materials and patented structures to achieve a perfect integration from functional design to aesthetics, restoring the original intention of vision correction and comfortable wearing. The best works are all based on the most authentic needs, tonysame, just for you to see clearly!

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Celluloid series glasses originated in 1869 and has a history of over 150 years. Each piece of celluloid has natural patterns and a captivating color sense, giving people a visual and sensory enjoyment. Holding it in hand gives it a warm and jade like texture, with superior quality. Combined with its excellent thermoplastic properties, toughness, and non deformation, it is a unique material for manufacturing high-end mirror frames. But no material is flawless, and the use of celluloid materials requires some patience. The original board needs to be left to stand for 8 to 10 years before it can be used for production. Moreover, due to the flammability of the material itself, most of the processing steps can only be done manually. Therefore, the production of frames made of celluloid is low and very scarce.

Among the over 100 known types of titanium by humans, tonysame chose the most unique feather titanium. Lightweight as feathers, warm as jade. Compared to glasses, it is more like a mother’s gentle hands brushing her cheeks, accommodating as before, like a feather gently brushing.

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