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参展公司介绍 Company’s Description:

RETRO X IWAMOTO是一个日本眼镜品牌,在复古设计和怀旧古典氛围中重新诠释现代品味和价值观。目前, 在日本、韩国、中国香港受到很多顾客的喜爱, 通过法国的Silmo, 以高质量和设计在欧洲也备受瞩目。 艾依薇眼镜株式会社将尽最大努力向中国和亚洲的客户提供好的产品。

RETRO IWAMOTO is an authentic Japanese eyewear brand that reinterprets modern tastes and values in retro design and nostalgia for classical mood. Currently, it is loved by many customers in Japan, Korea, and China(Hong Kong), and through Silmo in France, it was also spotlighted in Europe for its high product quality and design. AEV Eyewear Co., Ltd. will do its best to introduce good products to customers in China and Asia.

参展展品介紹 Product’s Description:

RETRO X IWAMOTO是福井的工匠精心制作的高品质眼镜,具有卓越的舒适性和耐久性。 它包含的理念是制造出可以长期陪伴的高品质眼镜,并将佩戴者的轻便舒适放在了首位。 使用日本钛和醋酸纤维等多种顶级材料的产品。(全日本制造)。

The focus was on the launch of high-quality glasses that are carefully produced through long-term craftsmen in Fukui and have excellent comfort and durability, which are the basic values of glasses. It contains the philosophy of making to create high-quality glasses that are always together for a long time, putting light and comfortable fit first for the wearer. Complete the product with a variety of top-notch materials, including Japanese Titanium and Mazzuccelli acetate. (All Made in Japan)

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