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MUSTbygrafix品牌故事始于1999年6月,由德国工程师Wolfgang Schröder及其儿子Mathias成立了MOM GmbH,着力眼镜品牌的发展及研究。2009年,Mathias创立出新品牌 -Grafix,以德国最先进的科技,再糅合德国百年传统工艺,制造出高质量的无螺丝钛金属镜框。而鉴于亚太市场的需求与发展,品牌 -Grafix与MUST Eyewear合作,推出合适亚洲面形的新系列 -MUSTbygrafix,沿用原有结构概念及德国物料再加以改良,从鼻托、铰链及镜腿方面着手,生产出乎合亚洲人面形的人体工学镜框。

The engineer Wolfgang Schröder and his son Mathias Schröder founded the MOM GmbH in June 1999. This was the first big step towards continuing the production and development of frames in Rathenow, Germany.

In 2009 MOM decided to launch a new titanium line – Grafix with screwless hinge -which was established under the combination of experience and skilled craftsmanship as well as the utilization of state-of-the-art technology and production methods. In 2014, Grafix cooperate with MUST Eyewear and penetrate to Asia Pacific market by the name of MUSTbygrafix, aimed to expand the collection from adjusting the nose-pad, hinge and temple to suit the Asian fitting under the same design concept and technologies.

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Continuing the rolling hinge design concept, MUSTbygrafix has developed a new collection – K-Ti in Germany. K-Ti collection combines the high quality Mazzucchelli acetate from Italy and premium titanium as the front part and temple materials respectively, the characteristics of the acetate give a shade of gloss and rich colour to the front and the flexibility of the titanium can strengthen the durability and the weight of the frames, as well as the adjustment for the Asian fitting.

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