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Founded in 1985 and is engaged in the eyewear business. Since 1997, it has primarily focused on representing international high-end eyewear brands. The company has established a strong industry reputation and is considered a model in the eyewear industry, even in the luxury sector. From representing high-end eyewear brands to distributing them through sales channels, the company has obtained exclusive sales rights for more than ten internationally renowned luxury brands in mainland China.

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HELLASDAN (华尔诗丹)品牌自成立以来一直致力于最优品质的眼镜制造,注重潮流趋势,了解市场喜好。不断推陈出新,致力于打造以消费者角度出发的设计品牌。同时秉承日本精湛制作工艺,以现代美学观点演绎传统经典。HELLASDAN 不仅追求高品质,更注重产品细节及用户体验,优良时尚的外观设计结合人体工程学的应用,打造出更适合亚洲人佩戴的眼镜。


The HELASDAN brand has been dedicated to the production of the highest quality eyewear since its establishment. It pays attention to fashion trends and understands market preferences. Continuously innovating, the brand is committed to creating a design perspective that originates from the consumer’s point of view. Simultaneously, it adheres to the exquisite craftsmanship of Japan, interpreting traditional interpreting traditional classics from a modern aesthetic viewpoint. HELASDAN not only pursues high quality but also emphasizes product details and user experience. The combination of excellent and fashionable exterior design with the application of ergonomic principles creates glasses that are more suitable for Asians. Originating in 1946, Flair upholding the tradition of“Made in Germany”, in the design of the frame, it employs the innovative frameless processing technology that has obtained global patents. This involves using specially developed nylon threads to replace hinges connecting the temples and lenses. This design allows Flair eyewear to achieve incredible lightness and flexibility while ensuring optimal wearing comfort.

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