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於1991年設立在香港的新宝公司,是亚太区的进出口眼镜代理商、经销商和批发商。代理的品牌包括 NOVA、丹羽雅彦、青山嘉道、FACTORY900、PARASITE、BLACKFIN 等来自日本、韩国及欧美著名的手工眼镜品牌。

Founded in 1991, Sun Po Trading Co. is the eyewear sole distributor and wholesaler for Asia Pacific market. Distributed brands include NOVA, Niwa Masahiko, Yoshinori Aoyama, FACTORY900, PARASITE, BLACKFIN, and other famous brands from Japan, Korea, and Europe.

参展展品介紹 Product’s Description:

在1960年代,日本福井县眼镜制造占全球产量的五分之一。NOVA以及SABAE OPT就是在福井县手工制作眼镜,旨在创造并展示百年优质工艺。AMIPARIS关注每个生产细节以提供持续的质量,其子品牌UNION ATLANTIC结合了大西洋国家的传统风格。In the 1960s, over one-sixth of the population in Fukui Prefecture was involved in the eyewear industry. They were so powerful that one-fifth of the world’s glasses were made in Fukui Prefecture. The NOVA Classic Collection is no exception. Since 1966, its glasses have been 100% handmade in Fukui Prefecture. Famous eyewear designers such as Kinjiro, Glanit, Masahiko Niwa, and Akira Tanaka are all part of NOVA Optics, Inc. A few years later, NOVA’s eyewear designer Masahiko Niwa was selected by the Japanese Emperor to make glasses for him. Since then, the “NOVA Classic Collection” has been recognized as the eyewear brand of the Japanese Emperor. Due to its glasses being 100% handmade in Fukui Prefecture, its supply is very limited. Through 200 precise titanium and celluloid mixing processes, the “NOVA Classic Collection” only produces 200 pairs of glasses per month. Therefore, its glasses are always in short supply worldwide.

SABAE OPT, the brand name is derived from the English name of Sabae City and the abbreviation of the professional term OPT for optometrists. At the same time, Mr. Naotsugu Araya, who is a designer and the president of Sabae City, hopes to create a good and solid eyewear brand, and founded SABAE.OPT to convey the history and craftsmanship of the century-old eyewear hometown to the world. SABAEOPT’s products combine Japan’s cloisonné, bright and shiny glaze colors, and wonderful patterns. The production process requires more than thirty steps, and the beautiful and luxurious, meticulous and complex technology creates this high-end handmade glasses. AMIPARIS glasses pay attention to every production process, such as material selection, to provide the most comfortable feeling for all users. It promises to continuously produce the same quality in every product. It has created a highly functional pair of glasses that combines design and style into a fun and fashionable lifestyle. UNION ATLANTIC is a Japanese eyewear brand under Amiparis, Inc. The designer’s inspiration tends to fuse the traditional styles and characteristics between Atlantic countries.

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