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自1972年成立以来,EYEVAN一直秉承 “将眼镜作为时尚配饰 “的理念,致力于将当时仅作为视力矫正设备的眼镜时尚化。随着时代的变迁,如今眼镜已成为时尚的一部分,除了有视力矫正的作用,更是在时尚配饰方面扮演一个重要的角色。我们的目标是不断创造新的价值,透过眼镜为每个人提供舒适而丰富的生活方式。

Since establishing the company in 1972, EYEVAN has worked on fashioning eyewear under the concept of “eyewear for dressing as a fashion accessory” for eyewear that was only a vision correction device at that time. As times have passed, now eyewear has become a part of fashion, and along with the role as a traditional vision correction device, also began to take on demand a face accessory like plain glasses worn only for fashion. We aim to create new value all the time in order to provide comfortable and rich lifestyle to everyone through the item called eyewear.

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The first fashion eyewear brand in Japan started in 1972. The collection was temporarily paused, but restarted in 2018. It has evolved into a brand offering a wide range of eyewear to meet every objective and situation.


Eyewear that does not have technical restrictions in the manufacturing process and combines traditional manufacturing methods and new technologies with free ideas that are not caught in the past. Established the unique identity with beautiful details and highly sophisticated designs.


Based on the idea that a beautiful tool is a collection of beautiful parts. New screws are developed and each part is fundamentally reviewed for designing eyewear. Thus, this eyewear brand is created by an approach that has never been before.


E5 collection pursues functionality directly influenced by the idea of biology that “form follows role and purpose”. 5 Elements of E5 eyevan,“01. Practical: It is not a decorative object or a work of art, but a product for daily essential use. 02. Functional: Functionality is emphasized by removing excessive or unnecessary decoration. 03. Reliable: Handle without feeling stress when wearing or adjusting. 04. Flexible: Adjusting to the wearer’s facial structure regardless of age or gender. 05. Durable: Function and design that are durable for long term use.”

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